10 Great Gift Ideas for Mom

By: Paulina Aguilar

These original, practical and sophisticated gifts will surely score you many points with your Mom. Here is a list of 10 recommendations that won’t let you down.

Mothers’ Day is fast approaching and if you still don’t know what to get your Mom, or better yet, if you are a mom yourself and want to give a suggestion of what you hope to receive, here are 10 gift ideas that won’t disappoint:

1.- For coffee and fashion lovers

This coffee thermos with the Chanel logo is ideal for the Mom who likes to be trendy and fashionable.

Coffee thermos for sale on eBay for $50 dollars.

2.- Executive Mom

This vintage cover for all types of laptops is the perfect gift for moms who can’t live without their computer. It’s colorful and cheerful, so her meetings will never be boring.

Vintage laptop cover, on sale at Amazon for $8.00 dollars.

3.- For Moms who love makeup

Do you love makeup? Nothing better than Kylie Jenner’s lip kit, “Birthday Edition.” This edition is super cute and has the perfect shades to achieve a glamorous look.

Kylie Jenner kit for sale on eBay for $13.99.

4.- For Moms who love to bake

These ceramic measuring cups in the shape of kittens are super cute. Who said that kitchen tools have to be boring? From now on, they will become your new obsession.

Measuring cups, on sale at Amazon for $35.37.

5.- For the casual Mom

These Betsy Johnson sneakers, with flower embroidery, are a must have. They are super original and will give a lot of style to the casual mother.

Sneakers, on sale at Amazon for $59 dollars.

6.- Communicative and stylish Mom

This cell phone case with a caption will remind your Mom who’s the boss at home! This gift is perfect for those who always carry their cell phone with them.

7.- For Moms who love to read

The book Wild by Cheryl Strayed tells a super inspiring story. There’s a reason why it was selected as one of the best by the New York Times. She will love it!

Book for sale on eBay, for $6 dollars.

8.- For the Boho-chic Mommy

This embroidered dress with a bohemian cut is beautiful. It will give your Mom a lot of life, and she’s sure to get compliments from several people.

On sale at Santa Marguerite, for $37 dollars.

9.-For the Mom who likes original things

This USB device, in the shape of a wine cork, is the most original gift you can give to your Mom. It will blow everyone’s mind every time she opens her purse.

For sale at Yanko

10.- For the classic Mom

When it comes to giving a classic Mom, you can never go wrong with perfume. We recommend this Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. The fragrance is sexy, irresistible and evokes happiness.

On sale at Sephora for $94 dollars.

What do you think about these ideas? Mom deserves this and more!


About the author: Paulina Aguilar


Graduate in Communication Sciences, pizza taster, cat whisperer, Muggle expert and specialist in series and movies.

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