Jay Wheeler’s New Release Celebrates Abuelas in the Most Touching Way

By: Staff LC

Get ready for some serious feels this summer! Jay Wheeler, the Puerto Rican heartthrob known for his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, is teaming up with a popular fast-food chain to help fans celebrate the amazing abuelas in their lives.

This season, McDonald’s is diving into nostalgia with the launch of the Grandma McFlurry—a limited-edition treat featuring smooth syrup and crunchy candy pieces, just like the sweet treats grandma always had in her purse. The dessert is already a hit, blended into a creamy vanilla soft serve. And who better to join in on this celebration than the sensational Jay Wheeler?

GrandmaMcFlurry OrangeCup COMPRESSED 1
Credit: Courtesy of McDonalds

Music has a magical way of connecting generations, and Jay Wheeler’s fresh remake of “Piel Canela,” released to complement the campaign, is set to create beautiful moments this summer. His unique take on the classic song blends modern sounds with its soulful melody. Originally written by Puerto Rican legend Bobby Capó in 1952, the beloved tune is about timeless love and beauty, making it the perfect soundtrack for cherishing memories with abuela and connecting with the family.

“I think the song ‘Piel Canela’ reminds me a lot of my great-grandmother who passed away. Those songs remind me of her because they are songs that I listened to as a child. I saw it in advertisements, and I saw it in many places that marked my heart and my memories and my mind when I was a child”, says Jay Wheeler in a video accompanying the press release for this campaign

Whether she’s your Abu, Nana, or Yaya, this campaign goes beyond just enjoying a tasty treat; it’s about honoring the joy that abuelas bring into our lives and showing her how much they matter to you.

As part of the experience, from May 21 to June 16, fans can indulge in the new Grandma McFlurry and share memorable moments on TikTok using the hashtag #GrandmaMcFlurrySweepstakes for a shot at winning an exclusive serenade from Jay Wheeler himself! Social media is already lighting up with fans posting their stories. Videos of grandkids surprising their abuelas vibing to the sweet melody of “Piel Canela” are flooding in, bringing all the feels.


Provando el Grandma McFlurry con mi abuelita y con mi bisabuela #grandmamcflurrysweepstakes @McDonald’s we tried it con el verdadero @@Jay Wheelerhack, Grandma Mcflurry con papas fritas.

♬ Piel Canela – Jay Wheeler

Adding to the fun, the Grandma’s McFlurry Mobile—a cool, ice cream truck-inspired ride—will be cruising around New York City, handing out free samples of the new Grandma McFlurry. It’s making stops at senior centers and assisted living homes, spreading joy and connection. Plus, McDonald’s is making a difference by donating to Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly, a national organization that supports older adults facing isolation and loneliness. This gesture captures the spirit of grandmas everywhere, who always spread love and care to others.

Mc Flurry 2
Credit: Instagram/@jaywheelerpr


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