Marissa Teijo: 5 Inspiring Things About the 71-Year-Old Beauty Pageant Contestant

By: Jeanette Hernandez

Here’s how El Paso native Marissa Teijo is inspiring women to believe there is beauty at any age.

Marissa Teijo is proving that age is just a number. At 71 years old, the El Paso native made history as the oldest contestant in the Miss Texas USA pageant, which took place on June 22.

Teijo was able to compete because the Miss USA pageant lifted its previous age limit of 28 this year. Now, women older than 18 can participate. Additionally, participants can now be pregnant, married, or divorced.

Although Aarieanna Ware ended up winning Miss Texas USA 2024, Teijo became an inspiration to many women – regardless of their age. To learn more about her, here are five facts about the historic Miss Texas USA pageant contestant:

She aims to inspire women to feel their best at any age

In an Instagram post, she wrote: “I am delighted to be a part of this incredible new experience as a contestant in the Miss Texas USA pageant. In doing so, I hope to inspire women to strive to be their best physical and mental selves and believe there is beauty at any age.”

Marissa Teijo 1
Credit: Instagram/marissateijo

She is an avid gym-goer

According to her social media, Teijo is into fitness. She even has a trainer who helps her with her fitness goals and nutrition. “I’m so grateful for my trainer, @spiderhedd at @smart_muscle_llc, for the tough workouts and for keeping me accountable for what I put in my mouth. He never lets me go a day without checking on my food intake!” she wrote online.

Marissa Teijo Gym
Credit: Instagram/marissateijo

In another post, she revealed that she started her weightlifting journey at age 40.

She is involved with her community

She’s also helped clean her community! “Mother Earth needs help keeping our home clean,” she wrote in a social media post.

She loves a good skincare routine

Teijo is all about wellness from the inside out. “Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness. Taking good care of my skin has been one of my habits since I was very young, and I have my mother to thank for insisting I follow a good skincare routine,” she said.

Marissa Teijo Fit
Credit: Instagram/marissateijo

She celebrates Mexican culture

Last year, to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, she dressed in the vibrant colors of the Mexican flag and posted on her social media, “Y así comenzó la semana de la independencia de Mexico.” This translates to, “This is how Mexico’s Independence Week began.”

Marissa Teijo Mexican
Credit: Instagram/marissateijo

Marissa Teijo’s journey is a testament to the idea that age should never be a barrier to pursuing new dreams and inspiring others. Her story encourages women to embrace their inner and outer beauty at every stage of life and proves that it’s never too late to make history and inspire future generations.


About the author: Jeanette Hernandez


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