Nava Mau: The Latinx Rising Star We’ve Been Waiting For

By: Wandy Felicita Ortiz

Nava Mau’s portrayal in ‘Baby Reindeer’ sheds light on Latinx allyship within the trans community, navigating the gripping tale of stalking and its impact on relationships.

These days, psychological thrillers are all the rage, and when it comes to watching a show or streaming your favorite murder mystery podcast, few things are as scary as true-story accounts. Up there with the best of them, Netflix’s current top watch, ‘Baby Reindeer,’ follows a man’s real-life experience being stalked by a woman.

“Baby Reindeer” offers a window into the world of London bartender Donny Dunn, whose life is thrown into turmoil when a former bar patron becomes a relentless stalker, harassing him at work, home, and online. As Donny navigates this harrowing experience, the effects of stalking permeate various aspects of his life, including his romantic relationships, highlighting the broader impact of such trauma.

Donny’s girlfriend, Teri, shares the emotional weight of his ordeal, driven by concern for his well-being. As a therapist, Teri is no stranger to carrying emotional burdens—a professional hazard, perhaps. Despite the stress, Teri, a trans woman, extends empathy not only to Donny but also to Martha, the alleged stalker. While many yearn for such caring support, Donny’s response reveals a different perspective on this compassionate dynamic.

Baby Reindeer 2
Credit: Netflix

Throughout the series, he works to hide his connection with Teri from his social circle and away from the public eye, which is something that partners in LGBTQIA+ relationships can, at times, struggle with when it comes to coming out, being an ally, and being accepted by loved ones. “Based on a true story” takes on a double meaning in this context, where Teri’s position is one that other members of the trans community have also faced when it comes to romance.

Baby Reindeer 1
Credit: Netflix

Trans identities—particularly those in the Latinx community—lack representation in popular culture and media, and while Teri’s struggle speaks to the realities of trans people, it also reaffirms that all people—regardless of gender, sexual identity, or cultural background—are individuals worthy of respect and capable of love.

The celebrity who plays the role of Teri, Nava Mau, is a known ally herself. “Ultimately, I hope that the new message for future generations is that trans people are not dangerous, and there’s nothing to fear,” she says about her character.

According to Marie Claire, she has appeared as an actress in the short films Femenina, Sam’s Town, and Work. The rising star also helped produce the short Lovebites.

She also notably served as a Production Fellow on the Netflix documentary Disclosure about LGBTQ+ representation in Hollywood. She previously worked with survivors of violence as both a legal assistant and a peer counselor.

The Mexico City-born actress is fighting stereotypes and participating in advocacy work that protects not just “characters” like Teri or Donny but real-life people who face circumstances like those depicted in ‘Baby Reindeer.’

In Nava Mau, we find a beacon of hope and representation that the Latinx community has long awaited. Through her portrayal of Teri in ‘Baby Reindeer,’ Mau not only illuminates the struggles of the trans community but also embodies the spirit of allyship and empowerment. Her dedication to advocacy both on and off-screen, from her involvement in groundbreaking documentaries to her support for survivors of violence, showcases her unwavering commitment to challenging stereotypes and amplifying marginalized voices.

As we immerse ourselves in the gripping narrative of ‘Baby Reindeer,’ let us celebrate Nava Mau as the rising star we’ve been waiting for—a trailblazer who paves the way for inclusivity, diversity, and understanding in the entertainment industry.


About the author: Wandy Felicita Ortiz


I am a trilingual writer and content analyst with a passion for creating and sharing engaging stories across platforms and audiences. I have over ten years of experience as a freelance digital media content creator and copyeditor, working with clients and outlets such as Fortune Magazine, Oprah Magazine, Penguin Random House, Reader's Digest, Button Poetry Publishing, and Grammy-nominated artist Mike Posner. I have also contributed to various online publications, including Fierce by Mítu, Huffington Post, Refinery29 and Yahoo, covering topics such as culture, education, entertainment, politics, science and socioeconomics.

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