5 Page-Turning Tales of Suspense You’ll Read to the End

By: Paulina Aguilar

If one of your goals this year is to read more, and you still haven’t achieved it, don’t worry. We’re happy to give you a little push, recommending 5 suspenseful novels you won’t be able to put down until you finish them! They are so good that some of them have just been made into TV series or movies.

1.- “I Let You Go” by Clare Mackintosh

A terrible accident. It all happened so fast. How could she have foreseen it? In a split second, Jenna Gray’s world turned into a nightmare. Her only hope for overcoming it is to leave and start from scratch. But what she doesn’t know is that she won’t be able to hide from her past.

2.- “Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn

From the author of the worldwide bestseller “Lost,” this book tells the story of Camille Preaker. Just released from a brief stay in a psychiatric hospital, she heads to her hometown to cover a series of murders for the newspaper where she works. For the first time in eleven years, the crime reporter returns to the huge mansion where her sister died.

3.- “Think of a Number” by John Verdon

A man receives a letter urging him to think of a number, any number. When he opens the small envelope that accompanies the text, following the instructions given in the letter itself, he realizes that the number written there is exactly the one he thought of.

4.- “The Good Girl” by Mary Kubica

One night, Mia Dennett walks into the bar where she had arranged to meet a friend she occasionally dated. But when he fails to show up, Mia recklessly leaves with a mysterious stranger. At first, Colin Thatcher seems like a harmless flirt. Leaving with him, however, will turn out to be the worst mistake she has ever made.

5.- “TR3S” (Three) by Ted Dekker

Imagine that when you answer your cell phone, you hear a mysterious voice that gives you three minutes to confess your sins. If you don’t, it’s going to blow up the car you’re driving.


About the author: Paulina Aguilar


Graduate in Communication Sciences, pizza taster, cat whisperer, Muggle expert and specialist in series and movies.

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