JLo’s Most Inspirational Quotes in Her Netflix Documentary

By: Sandra Ortiz

JLo’s most inspiring quotes in Halftime, her new Netflix documentary, have to do with tenacity, women’s empowerment, inclusion, equity and self-love.

By now, you’ve probably seen Halftime, the JLo documentary on Netflix that everyone is talking about. This film shows us a side of Jennifer Lopez that few of us knew. Her vulnerability, her fears, her tenacity, her leadership, her discipline and more aspects of her life are extremely inspiring for viewers.

This excellent production focuses on the months leading up to the Puerto Rican singer’s performance alongside Shakira at the 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Together they presented one of the most iconic and significant shows in the history of the Super Bowl. For this event, the singer of “Cambia el paso” set out to use her influence to raise her voice about one of the most tense and divisive moments in the history of the United States: the immigration policies of Donald Trump’s government.


“All my life I fought and fought to be heard, to be seen, to be taken seriously, and now I have this incredible opportunity to show the world who I am.”

“Men control Hollywood. They have ideas about what will sell and what won’t. So, we’re trying to change that.”

“When you work on something from its inception, you don’t give up and people finally see it.”

“We have an incredible opportunity to show who we are as artists and also who we are as a community and to bring the world together.”

“I don’t like politics, I’m not that kind of person, but I was living in a country I didn’t recognize. I was afraid for my children, for their future”.

“There are certain things that as a human being you don’t do. What is my message and what do I stand for? I realized that I have a responsibility to say something, not to leave politics to others.”

“This Super Bowl speaks to a divided country and promotes inclusion and compassion. It will be a reminder that we are always stronger and better together.”

“I got on a train to live here with all my dreams and try to make them come true.”

“I grew up surrounded by strong, powerful, tenacious women. My mom, my grandmother and my aunt, they were in charge. That’s the way it was, they were in charge.”

“I’m grateful for my parents. They taught me to be independent, and I live with those voices in my head.”

“When I was a young artist, I accepted every job they offered me, because I knew it was very difficult to get one. There were very few roles for women of color, but I kept working hard because I believed that somehow, some way, an opportunity would come.”

“My idea of success is constantly changing. You always have to get out of your comfort zone and do something different.”

“A lot of times I thought, ‘I think I’m going to quit.’ I had to figure out who I really was, believe in that and not believe in anything else.”

“We’re here to represent our culture, our music and women all over the world.”

“Remember, ‘no,’ it’s not an answer. It’s an opportunity.”

“I’m a 50-year-old actress who had her greatest success playing a stripper, a woman who embraces the power of her sexuality and takes advantage of the way women are objectified.”

“As for me and everything I’ve been through, I had to learn that the key […] wasn’t in other people but in myself. It’s about taking care of yourself, and not looking for someone to give you a home, but to create your own.”

“I will continue to work and not be afraid to make noise and use my voice in the best way I can.”

“There are still a lot of things I want to do, there’s a lot more I want to say. This is not the end, not at all.”

“I wanted to empower every woman to succeed in creating the most beautiful life she can create for herself.”

How do you see these quotes? Don’t you find them extremely inspiring? We do! So, next time you’re about to give up, think about La Diva del Bronx and all the obstacles she overcame to become the big star she is today.


About the author: Sandra Ortiz


Sandra Ortiz Juárez studied Communication Sciences in her native Mexico and obtained a master's degree in Audiovisual Journalism in Spain. She has worked on radio, television and in digital media such as AOL Latino, Mamás Latinas and in the magazines Siempre Mujer and Ser Padres, where she served as digital director. She has interviewed celebrities such as Carolina Herrera, Isabel Toledo, Natalia Jiménez, Luis Fonsi, William Levy, among many other personalities. In her free time she likes to dance and experiment in the kitchen. She confesses to being addicted to the internet and sushi.

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