Rosalía and Hunter Schafer made a brave disclosure

By: Sandra Ortiz

Rosalía and Hunter Schafer had a romance for 5 months, according to recent statements by the Euphoria actress to GQ magazine.

After years of rumors about a supposed romance between singer Rosalía and actress Hunter Schafer, the star of Euphoria, has told GQ magazine that they did indeed have a romance in 2019, for 5 months.

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In the interview, which is already making waves in the entertainment world, interviewer Emma Carmichael asks her about which celebrities she has had a romance with. The actress initially refused to share any information on the topic. However, according to the interviewer, the next day Schafer decided to share what had been speculated for years.

She talked it over with Rosalía last night, she says, and is happy to confirm that they dated for about five months in the autumn and winter of 2019. (Schafer says it took her a few hangs to suss out the vibe and determine that they were, in fact, going on dates.) These days, they’re friends, which is something Schafer is proud of. They’ve been spotted around town recently, getting smoothies and testing out couches. “I have really beautiful friendships with people that I was once romantically involved with,” she says. With Rosalía, “she’s family no matter what.”

Emma Carmichael, Hunter Schafer on art, love, ambition – and life beyond Euphoria, GQ Magazine, April 2024.
Hunter Y Rosalia COMPRESSED

This puts an end to one of the most popular rumors in the entertainment world, which dates back to 2019 when fans noticed that they were together at many events, parties, and even fashion shows. In fact, one of the photos Rosalía posted at that time was what sparked the speculations, as she posed with the famous actress at a Burberry summer runway show, followed by the phrase: “Birth of a new friendship.”

Since then, fans of both stars were convinced that there was something more. They even suggested that the song “Tuya,” released by the Spanish singer in the summer of 2023, was dedicated to Schafer. But it is not until today that the famous duo has decided to put an end to the matter.

“There has been a lot of speculation for a long time … Part of us wants to end all that, and another part says, ‘But why, if it’s nobody’s business!’ But in the end, ‘it’s something that I’m happy to share. And I think she feels the same way,'” the acclaimed actress shared to GQ magazine.

Now that this issue is closed, such an act of honesty may serve as inspiration to other celebrities to take control of their private lives and be the ones to share what they wish to share, in due time and on their own terms, because even though it’s nobody’s business, as Schafer rightly said, fans will always want to know more.


About the author: Sandra Ortiz


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