7 Basic Garments That Will Bring Out Your Style

By: Jennifer Wynns

According to a fashion expert, these basic garments will enhance your style. The key is not to spend more but to have versatile pieces, like jeans or a white shirt.

We spoke to Irma Martinez, stylist of such prominent Latin celebrities as Shakira, Thalia and Daisy Fuentes, to get her best fashion and style tips.

Here’s what she shared with us in the interview.

What are some of your fashion do’s and don’ts? 

Irma Martínez: My don’ts are brands. Personally, I don’t like it when people focus all the attention of their look on brands. There are people who dress in brands, from head to toe. I believe that fashion is not determined by that. I have great respect for brands, and I admire designers, but I feel that you don’t need to wear these types of clothes to feel confident or show that you have style. That would be my biggest “don’t.”

On the other hand, I am fascinated when I see women wearing something unexpected, unique and personal… AND they look great in it! There are things that I couldn’t wear, but they look great on other people because they know what looks good on them. I have a lot of respect for everyone’s unique style.

What basic clothing items should every woman have in her closet, no matter the season?

Irma Martínez: I always talk about the basic pieces that every woman should have. Those that never go out of style and have been with us since the 20’s, like a trench coat, which doesn’t have to be very heavy and is useful for not-too-cold weather.

Everyone needs a pair of straight cut pants,  and my favorite piece is a white shirt. You can wear it with jeans, to the beach, over a bathing suit, with a pencil skirt to work or with a more formal skirt for dinner. You can find one in all price ranges to fit all silhouettes. Another must-have is a pair of black high heels and a good bag that will last for several seasons.

In all these pieces you can invest a little more money, but you don’t need to spend so much on the garments trending each season. This way you can mix your basic garments with the seasonal ones and always be trendy.

Lastly, you should have a light jacket and sweater to add to your look when the weather is a little colder. These are items you should always have no matter what the trends are.

Who has been the celebrity you have most enjoyed working with?

Well, over the years I’ve had very good clients who have become my friends because I’ve been styling for them for a long time. Thalia has been my client for over 15 years, and when you work so long with a celebrity it becomes fun and you become very close to them. You really enjoy working with them. Not only do you know you’re going to go on set and do a great job, but you also know you’re going to have a great time. But when you work with a new celebrity, you have to do a great job and prove you are up to the task.

Chayanne is another star who loves everything I bring him. He even keeps most of the clothes when we work together. Daisy Fuentes too. When I go to work with her, I know exactly what she wants, and that makes everything so much easier on set.

Great! Thank you so much for all your good advice. 

There you go. Now you are ready to look amazing at all times. Remember, it’s all about personal style and learning how to combine the more classic pieces with those that are trending.

About the author: Jennifer Wynns

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