Bob vs. Lob: Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle for You

By: Sandra Ortiz

Bob vs. Lob: Here’s everything you need to consider if you haven’t yet decided which of these two styles to adopt. They may look very similar, but there’s a significant difference between one style and the other based on length. We’ll explain it to you here!

Since it became fashionable, few celebrities have resisted the bob haircut and it is because this style is very flattering for all types of faces. It softens features, takes years off, and makes you look sophisticated with minimal effort. But the lob (long bob), which is the most current version of this famous style, is also noteworthy, as it creates harmony among different face shapes and doesn’t require you to undergo a radical change. If you want to know which style suits you best, we’ll tell you more about the bob and the lob so you can decide which one to go for.

Bob Style

-The origins of the bob cut date back to the 1920s when many women began wearing short hair as a way to rebel against the strict social norms of that time.
-In its purest form, the bob is usually worn at the level of the earlobe. It’s an asymmetrical cut that is very short in the back and longer in the front, typically reaching jaw level.

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-Originally, the bob comes with bangs but it is increasingly worn without bangs nowadays.

-It suits straight hair very well since this type of hair doesn’t need much styling. If the hair is curly or wavy, it will require some straightening with a flat iron.

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-The bob cut flatters all face shapes but requires some finesse. For those with a rounder face, it’s recommended to wear it very short in the back and with long layers in the front, just below the jawline. For those with an elongated face, wearing the bob with straight bangs is suggested. And for square faces, it’s advised to wear it with short, tousled layers at chin length.

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Long bob

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-It’s worn at shoulder length. It can be slightly longer, but its length shouldn’t surpass the collarbone. Its most important characteristic is that it’s an asymmetrical style, slightly shorter at the back and longer on the front sides.

-It can have bangs and you can add waves to the hairstyle to give your hair movement but it shouldn’t have layers to maintain the concept.

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-Antonio Corral-Calero, artistic director of Moroccanoil, defines it to Vogue magazine as: “A timeless length that allows you to wear it loose or tied back.” He adds, “It should look like you got it cut three months ago. It shouldn’t be too structured or dramatic.”

-The lob cut suits round, oval, and triangular face shapes well.

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-This style is ideal for those who don’t seek a drastic change and like to experiment with their hair, as you can wear it with waves, curls, or even extensions for a more elaborate hairstyle.

Revolutionizing Bobs and Lobs

It should be added that the Bob and the Lob have been reinvented recently and there are different styles based on both styles, such as the inverted bob, the layered bob, the concave bob, the textured bob, among many other variants, which many celebrities (even those known for their long hair) couldn’t resist.

If after reading this article, you’re still unsure which style to choose, the best thing you can do is opt for the cut that is most comfortable for you and suits your lifestyle best. As our resident stylist, Andrea Lowe, creator of the “Hair by Andrea” brand in Buffalo, NY, advises: “I would choose one according to your lifestyle. Bobs take more effort to style, while lobs (also known as blobs) can be worn in their natural state and look effortless”

So, now you know: if you’re looking for a change and are 100% committed to bid farewell to your long mane, ask your stylist about the pros and cons of the haircut you want.

About the author: Sandra Ortiz


Sandra Ortiz Juárez studied Communication Sciences in her native Mexico and obtained a master's degree in Audiovisual Journalism in Spain. She has worked on radio, television and in digital media such as AOL Latino, Mamás Latinas and in the magazines Siempre Mujer and Ser Padres, where she served as digital director. She has interviewed celebrities such as Carolina Herrera, Isabel Toledo, Natalia Jiménez, Luis Fonsi, William Levy, among many other personalities. In her free time she likes to dance and experiment in the kitchen. She confesses to being addicted to the internet and sushi.

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