How to Restore Nail Health After Using Acrylics, Gels or Conventional Polishes

By: Gilda Torres

How can you restore the health of your nails after using acrylic, gels and/or conventional polishes? An expert gives us the keys, which include filing, applying treatments to strengthen cuticles, and using toxic-free polishes.

There’s no denying that acrylic or gel nails last longer and look more polished. However, we spoke with renowned hand and foot care professional Joaquín Manuel, who emphasized how important it is to avoid these types of chemicals. Instead, this expert recommends caring for nails in their natural state. “Yes, having gel or acrylic nails done is fast, efficient and makes a manicure last intact for weeks. However, the big problem is that the abuse of these procedures can mistreat, hurt and even weaken the nails. All this is in addition to the damage it does to our overall health,” explained the creator of the toxic-free nail polish line, Joaquín Manuel Nail Polish Collections.  

“My recommendation is to strengthen natural nails,” added Joaquín Manuel.

Here are the tips the expert gave us, so you can take better care of your nails and your health.  Follow this advice – You won’t regret it!

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Remove Acrylic and Gel nails

If you are one of those people who need to keep nails painted, then use nail treatments which have a little bit of color, and they will look groomed. At the same time, you will be nourishing them. You must apply these treatments consistently.

Keep them Moisturizes

After removing polishes correctly in a professional salon, start moisturizing your nails, since conventional polishes dehydrate them terribly. It is also important to use an oil or cream to nourish and strengthen the cuticles, as this is where nail health begins. Apply twice a day for best results.

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Consider trimming

Keeping your nails short is an easy way to protect and care for them. Trim them so they have a chance to grow back strong. This simple step will prevent breakage and splitting. You can file them every two or three days to maintain the ideal size while they grow strong. Just remember to use a cardboard file, and file in the same direction to avoid weakening the nails with movement.

Reinforce with a treatment

Sometimes nails are so damaged that they need special reinforcement. Make sure it is a treatment that strengthens and nourishes your nails. Remember that it is essential to continue using cuticle oil.

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Use non-toxic nail polishes

“Conventional polishes are the enemy of the health and appearance of natural nails. The years of experience I have in hand and foot care have helped me to realize how my clients’ nails were deteriorating due to the use of acrylic, gel or conventional polishes. This was one of the main reasons why I decided to create my own nail polish line, free of the 7 toxic chemicals that most damage the health and appearance of the nails. Definitely, if you are concerned about the appearance and health of your nails, don’t use conventional nail polish,” said the renowned manicurist.

Use acetone-free nail polish remover

When removing nail polish, avoid acetone. This chemical is very harmful to your nails, and you will lose the benefits you have acquired by following the previous steps.

About the author: Gilda Torres


Gilda Torres is the founder and CEO of the public relations agency Public Relations Experts. She obtained a bachelor's degree in International Relations from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and has studies in communication and journalism. She as well as with a master's degree in Public Relations. She currently collaborates in different digital and print media, where she writes about beauty topics. She considers herself a BoriMex, because her mother is Mexican and her father is Puerto Rican.

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