3 Latino-Owned Skincare Brands for Your Summer Routine

By: Jeanette Hernandez

Latinas should always practice skincare. Don’t know where to start? Here are three essential items to add to your perfect summer skincare routine.

Whether you work from home or outside, taking care of your skin in this sunny climate is crucial. For those who claim they “don’t have time for it” – it only takes a few minutes to apply. You can do this! Make it a habit just as we make our cafecito every morning.

For those wondering how to create the perfect skincare routine, here are some items to start with. Everyone has different skincare needs, but here are some suggestions for sunscreen, refreshing face mist, and facial serum, all from Latino-owned brands.


This is a must. Applying sunscreen, whether going to the beach or stepping out for a quick errand, is always recommended. Antedotum’s 30 SPF daily hydrating sunscreen shields your skin from sun damage. It has a “disappearing zinc finish that doesn’t over-shine or clog your skin, leaving a natural, satin glow that looks healthy and balanced.” This sunscreen is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and oily.

Daily Sunscreen

Antedotum was founded by Puerto Rican CEO Karina Perez Marconi.

Refreshing Face Mist

It’s hot outside! Use a refreshing face mist to keep your face fresh (whether you’re wearing makeup or not). Dezi Skin’s Dew Me Over is a great option. It provides “the perfect amount of hydration without moving your makeup. It gives you a natural, skin-like finish and absorbs easily without making you oily.”

Face Mist

Dezi Skin is owned by Desi Perkins, a Mexican-American digital content creator, and founder/CEO of her eyewear brand, Dezi, and skincare line, Dezi Skin.

Facial Serum

Facial serum is essential for those who want to repair and protect their skin, especially after sun exposure. Hechizo Facial Serum by Brujita Skincare features superfruit oils for optimal skin health. It offers sun protection due to its natural SPF content and contains organic, unrefined oils for healing benefits.

serum brujita

Brujita Skincare was founded by Latina Leah Guerrero in 2017.

About the author: Jeanette Hernandez


Jeanette Hernandez is a music enthusiast based in Los Angeles, CA. She's currently a freelance writer and content creator for Remezcla, Brilla Latina, and more. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, she worked as a seasoned bilingual Latin indie music publicist. You can find her musings via Instagram + Twitter: @jeanettehndz

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