What Your Hair Says: A Body Language Expert Explains

By: Adriana Rey

Without even realizing it, we communicate with our hair. Did you know, for example, that constantly touching your hair denotes anxiety? Read on for more:

It’s no secret how important hair volume is for us. Who hasn’t spent hours and hours in front of a mirror trying to get those waves that Mother Nature didn’t give us? We feel more confident, present and beautiful, but beware: when you don’t have that desired volume, your insecurities can come to light without you realizing it and certain gestures can give away your true weaknesses. How to avoid this behavior? A body language expert explains.

The importance of body language

Did you know that 97% of women with fine hair have a more positive attitude about themselves when they achieve the volume they want? This is the data from a study published by Dove Hair that caught our attention as soon as the body language factor came on the scene. Allow us to introduce Vanessa Van Edwards, lead researcher at Science of People, who explained to us the direct relationship between volume and security: “60% of communication is nonverbal, and touching your hair is one of the main indicators of anxiety,” says Van Edwards. How to avoid it? Take note:

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Control your gestures: People who project confidence and security are usually those who truly feel more confident in themselves. If that is what you want to convey, avoid permanently touching your hair or shaking it, because you will give the impression that you do not control the situation, but that the situation controls you.

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Hair: Ally or enemy? We ask ourselves this question because what should be our absolute ally sometimes becomes our worst enemy. Hair is a complement to our essence, and at the same time, it is what can say the most about a person’s mood. Whenever we want to show confidence, we seek volume in our hair and, on many occasions, we do it in an unconscious way. Because these unconscious gestures (pulling your hair back, picking a strand and touching in over and over again…) in certain areas, the only thing you will achieve is to show that you are nervous and insecure.

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Tricks to get natural volume in your washes

Dove dry shampoo is our star ally, and this is assured by one of the most important hairstylist in the United States. Many of you will recognize Mark Townsend, hairstylist for the Olsen twins, Jennifer Lawrence, and many other Hollywood stars.

Drying the hair: Blow dry your hair with your head down. Your hair will gain volume naturally. Then, if you want to go for the most natural-looking waves possible, Townsend confesses that he can’t live without the R Session Pro Tools Double Barrel Iron.

About the author: Adriana Rey


Adriana Rey studied Journalism in Madrid, Spain, completing her last year at the Italian University of Rome. His Final Degree Project was selected in the 2007 Campus of Excellence, where fourteen Nobel Prize winners participated. He collaborated with Spanish Television and specialized in the audiovisual field. Reporter, presenter, announcer and editor, her work has focused on the information field, also serving as deputy director of a current affairs program on Spanish radio. Prominent politicians and economists have answered your questions and analyzed today's hottest topics.

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