Quick Workouts That You Can Do While You’re On The Road

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Quick workouts you can do while you’re on the road. Get lean and toned fast with these 4 routines.

Between frequent trips to various destinations, catching up with family and friends, and fitting in those essential errands, maintaining a consistent workout routine can be quite demanding for those who are always on the move.

The insurance company Cigna, along with The Dog Pound – a luxury fitness studio in NYC – have you covered with some quick workouts that you can do while you’re on the road.

Workout 1 (Legs)

Have a lot on your shoulders? Work out those legs. Burn fat, increase your metabolism, and build more muscular legs with these exercises.

• Air Squat
• Front Lunge
• Donkey Kickbacks
• Side lunge
• Wide Sumo Squat

Perform 20 of each for 5 rounds. After each round, rest for one minute.

Workout 2 (Upper Body)

Are you looking to work out your upper body but have no time for the gym? Try these exercises to give you the strength to lift all your holiday gifts.

• Standard Push Up
• Pike Shoulder Press
• Walking Push Up
• Shoulder Circles
• Tricep Push Up

Do 30 seconds of each exercise, taking a one-minute break after each round. Repeat four times.

Workout 3 (Cardio)

Only have 20 minutes to torch as many calories as possible? Try these high-intensity exercises that will have you sweating the most in the shortest amount of time.

• Plank Jacks
• Mountain Climbers
• Jumping Lunges
• Burpees
• Skaters

Do 45 seconds for each exercise, taking a 15-second rest for 3 rounds.

Workout 4 (Core):

Ensuring your abs stay engaged is crucial, especially during busy days. If you have 20 minutes to spare before heading out, give the quick workout routine below a try.

• Plank hold (hold for one minute)
• Side plank hold (hold for one minute)
• V-up
• Lying leg raise
• Scissor kicks

Do 10 reps of each exercise in a loop for 3 minutes and then rest for a minute. Repeat five times.

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