What Latinas Can Learn About Gen Z’s Outspokeness

By: Jeanette Hernandez

Latinas can learn a lot from younger generations. Here’s how Gen Z’s outspokenness can inspire us to thrive daily.

Gen Z is often categorized as a generation that’s “too out there.” Considering the saying “calladita te ves más bonita,” could Latinas learn a few things about their directness?

According to CNBC Make It, Gen Z’s outspokenness is a good thing. “Gen Z’s greatest strength is that they’re more likely than other generations to challenge the status quo,” Dr. Benjamin Granger, chief workplace psychologist and head of EX (employee experience) advisory services at Qualtrics, told the media outlet. “Those conversations and those experiences are where innovation and creativity happen.”

In the spirit of their outspokenness, here are three ways Latinas can channel their inner Gen Z to foster a happier lifestyle.

1) It’s OK to feel different from your elders

Gen Z’s attitude can help Latinas learn that it’s OK to let their opinions be heard – even if they differ from their mothers’. The young generation is known to challenge their elders. They aren’t shy to speak out against outdated norms, whether online or offline. For example, they’re unlikely to follow the “calladita te ves más bonita” saying. They’ve probably already spoken about it on TikTok.


No me puedo quedar callada si algo no me gusta, lo siento soy así 😏😎😎

♬ Lean On – Major Lazer & DJ Snake

But that’s their charm. They know it’s OK to feel different and want to be heard. Next time an elder has a different opinion than you – including your mother or suegra – instead of putting your head down, speak up.

At the end of the day, it’s OK to feel different: it’s not their way or the highway.

2) Be confident in your workplace

Often, elders think they have seniority and, therefore, a type of superiority in the workplace. Even if you’re new to the team, it doesn’t mean your voice should be silenced. In the spirit of Gen Z, it’s time to speak out about any unfairness in the workplace.


Want that salary? Talk about it. Getting bullied? Talk about it.

3) Let your personal needs be heard

Being direct about your needs is essential for Latinas with a family to care for. Your needs matter and should be heard, too. It doesn’t matter if you must care for your parents, children, or significant other. It’s time to kick-start your attitude and put yourself first.

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About the author: Jeanette Hernandez


Jeanette Hernandez is a music enthusiast based in Los Angeles, CA. She's currently a freelance writer and content creator for Remezcla, Brilla Latina, and more. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, she worked as a seasoned bilingual Latin indie music publicist. You can find her musings via Instagram + Twitter: @jeanettehndz

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