5 Financial Tips You Don’t Hear Every Day That Will Change Your Life

By: Adriana Rey

If you need financial advice about tax returns, debt, credit history or lack of savings, you’ve come to the right place. We spoke with an expert to get his take on how to have healthy finances and prepare for this tax season.

Let’s be honest: how many times has the simple thought of filing taxes been a headache? Probably more than you would like. That’s why we are willing to bring you the solution to this problem or at least to make it easier for you.

Considering that there’s no getting away from tax season, many taxpayers face this period with nervousness or anxiety. That is why TurboTax, the market leader in tax preparation, has set out to provide us with all the necessary resources to achieve healthy finances.

“One of the most common resolutions, especially at the beginning of the year, is to take better care of our health. Many of us go on a diet, join a gym and look to change our habits. But not many people talk about financial health. If not taken care of, this can limit your productivity,” said Orlando Montiel, financial advisor and spokesperson for TurboTax.

As in life, the goal is to enjoy good health.  How can we achieve this with our finances? This expert offers 5 points that will make a difference:

  • Don’t have debt. If you do have debts, make sure you can pay them at the end of the month. It is important that every month, regardless of your financial status, you can save something, no matter how little. It is about thinking ahead. With that vision, you can make your money grow.
  • Do not abuse credit: In the United States, having a credit history is extremely important, but you should not abuse credit cards. Abuse or mismanagement can stifle your finances and reduce your ability to save.
  • Design your financial diet: As in any diet that you prepare when, for example, you want to lose weight, the financial diet must be organized and adapted to your lifestyle. That is, if you have student debt, focus your goals on eliminating it. It is also important to create a monthly spending plan. Try to pay with cash or a debit card and thus avoid spending what you do not have.
  • Tools: When you go to the gym you use specialized machines to get stronger, right? Well, with the tax return is exactly the same and, in this sense, TurboTax is highly recommended (seriously, not only we use it, our friends do too!). And the fact is that the company not only guarantees you the maximum refund based on the information you provide, but thanks to its adaptation to new technologies, its program allows you to take a picture with a smartphone of your W2 and automatically import the information.

This saves time and avoids manual errors. In addition, thanks to the SmartLook program, you will be able to connect with a bilingual representative to answer any questions you may have. And take note: you will be able to see the representative, but he or she will not have access to your image, an important point that will allow you to file your taxes at any time during your daily routines.

Another advantage of using TurboTax is that this year they have added TurboTax Live, which gives you access to bilingual Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Enrolled Agents (RAs) who can answer your tax questions, review your return, and even do your return for you!

  • Anticipation: Do not forget that the sooner you declare your income, the sooner you will be able to obtain the return. This also means that if you have debts, you will be able to save any interest payment you may have. If not, you can always invest that money in other things that will bring you a return.

To try TurboTax, click on this link, we assure you that you will not regret choosing this service, it is super easy to use (we are already fans!)

Here is the full interview with TurboTax’s financial advisor and spokesperson, Orlando Montiel:


About the author: Adriana Rey


Adriana Rey studied Journalism in Madrid, Spain, completing her last year at the Italian University of Rome. His Final Degree Project was selected in the 2007 Campus of Excellence, where fourteen Nobel Prize winners participated. He collaborated with Spanish Television and specialized in the audiovisual field. Reporter, presenter, announcer and editor, her work has focused on the information field, also serving as deputy director of a current affairs program on Spanish radio. Prominent politicians and economists have answered your questions and analyzed today's hottest topics.

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