Laid off from your job? A 5-Day Survival Guide

By: Paulina Aguilar

Surviving a job layoff is not easy. Here’s a plan of action that will help you come out of this unsettling phase like a warrior.

Oh, the labor jungle! That dangerous place where sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, and where, no matter your profession or circumstance, you’re never safe from being let go.

The reasons can be varied and not necessarily your fault, but if for one reason or another you find yourself in this situation, we want to give you a 5-day plan to swallow the bitter pill and get back on the job market.

Ready for your action plan?

Day #1: Sit with the grief and accept it as such, because a job layoff is also a loss and we must process it that way. On this day it is valid to cry and fully experience all the sorrow, even despair. Give yourself the chance to get all your emotions out.

Day #2: Introspective evaluation: it is time to accept what happened, but at the same time, it is necessary to know why. You need to be aware of the mistakes or external factors that led you to this moment. It would be very useful to make a list of them and their possible solutions because you will need it later.

Day #3: Budget calculations: In our piece on financial tips for millennials, we already talked about the importance of saving. You have to think rationally about your real economic state and, based on that, make cuts to your budget. This will allow you to subsist while you find another job, and it will prevent your savings account from being at zero.

Day #4: Reinforce your “professional self.” At this stage, use the list of mistakes that led to your dismissal and determine what you could have done differently. Combine this self-evaluation with your skills and abilities to present yourself as a complete professional who has managed to turn her weaknesses into strengths.

Day #5: Back to action: You’ve made it through the worst part and it’s time to go out and look for a new job. You have learned from your mistakes and it’s time to believe in yourself, polish your resume and embark on a new work journey with the certainty that after this fall, you will be a better professional.

We wish you courage and success!

About the author: Paulina Aguilar


Graduate in Communication Sciences, pizza taster, cat whisperer, Muggle expert and specialist in series and movies.

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