By: Almu Romero

The benefits of pistachios are many: they fight aging, they’re diuretic, and they’re also rich in vitamin A. Do you want to know what other benefits they bring you? Read on!

Did you know all the benefits that pistachios can bring to your body? Did you know that they are highly satiating, which makes them ideal for a slimming diet?

These nuts have a multitude of nutrients that make them a “superfood” and a healthy snack that’s perfect for day to day life. Here are 10 reasons why you will love them and find them easy to eat.

1.- Pistachios are a great ally when it comes to showing off a beautiful and healthy skin. They are rich in vitamin A, which helps us to regenerate the skin after those long hours of sun exposure in the summer.

2. Pistachios are a super antioxidant. They help us to slow and combat aging, thanks to vitamin E, which protects the body from free radicals.

3. They have a great diuretic effect. Yes, pistachios help us fight the dreaded fluid retention thanks to their high amount of potassium and sodium. Studies say that 20 pistachios are equivalent to half a small banana! In addition, these nutrients are important for the proper muscle function.

4. They help protect us from stress. Incredible, isn’t it? Yes, the magnesium, potassium and vitamin B6 they contain help reduce blood pressure and heart rate. These nutrients also help us to relax and combat the effects of stress. What more do we want? They are tasty and relax us.

5. Taking about 30 grams of shelled pistachios daily, which is equivalent to about 49 units, helps reduce the risk of heart disease and boosts the immune system.

6. They make the ideal snack after physical exercise. They provide the energy and nutrients the body needs to recover after a workout. We recommend that you carry a small bag of pistachios to eat on your way home or to work.

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7. They are satiating. Their high fiber content will help us control our weight. In addition, they help us to prevent constipation and regulate intestinal transit.

8. They are not very fattening! Of course, as long as you don’t eat the whole bag. The ideal is a portion of 49 pistachios, which is equivalent to 150 calories. We can take them between main meals to kill a little hunger at that time.

9. Improves orgasmic function! How does that feel? Thanks to the arginine they contain, they improve both satisfaction and sexual desire.

10. You can use them in a wide range of delicious healthy recipes from smoothies and sauces to desserts and salads. Here is our recipe for a “Pistachio Smoothie”:

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Pistachio and papaya smoothie


125 ml. coconut or almond milk

1 papaya

6 fresh or frozen strawberries (you can also add berries)

10 crushed pistachios


Blend the coconut milk, papaya and strawberries in a glass. Then, crush the pistachios and mix it all together.


About the author: Almu Romero


Madrid-born. I lived many years in Miami, a city I consider my second home. I spent all my childhood practicing rhythmic gymnastics, a discipline that led me to several championships in Spain. That's where my passion for sports comes from. Now I'm a teacher, a sports graduate, a personal trainer, a luxury event organizer, and a content creator specializing in fitness, style, and beauty.

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