What to Eat to Stay Healthy and Beautiful

By: Gilda Torres

A holistic diet gives preference to foods that bring health benefits. These include dried fruits, vegetables and legumes. Here’s what eat if you want to improve your health and also look radiant.

Healthy eating is important for our bodies to function and look good. The old adage, “you are what you eat,” is extremely true. We spoke with Leonella Gonzalez, holistic health coach and co-owner of LŌLEO Juice Bar in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, who explained which foods we should consume according to our needs.

“A good diet helps us avoid many health conditions. In addition to giving us the energy we need to face each day, it helps us stay youthful and beautiful,” Leonella pointed out.

As for the holistic diet this expert recommends to keep us healthy and beautiful, here are some foods not to be missed:

Spinach, broccoli and carrots

Spinach and broccoli are high in vitamins A and C, which are necessary to maintain strong and healthy hair. In addition, spinach and carrots are rich in carotenes that help us to keep the whites of our eyes bright.

Grains and legumes

In addition to being high in protein, which strengthens us and helps prevent diseases such as anemia, legumes also contain zinc and biotin, which are ideal for keeping hair stronger and hydrated. Include in your diet beans, green beans, lentils, and chickpeas, among others.


Tomatoes help keep our skin glowing. These are high in antioxidants which nourish the skin, ensuring a special glow and a healthy pink tone.


Oysters, like other seafood, contain several important nutrients, such as zinc and Omega 3 acids. Besides helping memory and supporting a healthy life, these also regulate excess sebum in the skin and prevent adult acne caused by stress.


Besides being used in homemade masks for hair and skin, avocado has several benefits for health and beauty when eaten. If you consume a small avocado daily, you can help prevent wrinkles, promote cell regeneration, improve circulation and soothe skin irritations.


In addition to wine and tomatoes, berries are an excellent source of antioxidants. They are highly recommended for people suffering from urinary tract infections. They also help to maintain a beautiful and bright smile because they contain components that prevent bacteria from remaining between the teeth and gums.

WARNING: They should be consumed as a snack in their natural state, not in sugary juices.


This is an excellent source of calcium, which helps prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis. In addition, because of its high protein content, it helps us look beautiful, as amino acids help fight dark circles and bags that form around the eyes.

“I personally recommend lactose-free and low-fat yogurts, preferably probiotic ones, as they help us keep a flat stomach by reducing bloating,” said the expert.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are a good source of fiber and a sure-fire beauty aid. For example, dried peaches are rich in iron and help to improve and achieve a more uniform skin color. To this group, you can add prunes, which support strong nails and prevent marks or cracks that may appear on them.

Now that you know what holistic nutrition consists of, can you commit to this healthy way of life?

About the author: Gilda Torres


Gilda Torres is the founder and CEO of the public relations agency Public Relations Experts. She obtained a bachelor's degree in International Relations from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and has studies in communication and journalism. She as well as with a master's degree in Public Relations. She currently collaborates in different digital and print media, where she writes about beauty topics. She considers herself a BoriMex, because her mother is Mexican and her father is Puerto Rican.

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