5 Signs That You Have the Best Friend in the World

By: Paulina Aguilar

In these times of keeping up appearances, using filters, and seeking followers on social media, it is very difficult to discern who is offering true friendship and who is simply pretending to be a friend. That is why we must start to value our true best friends. Even if the world is in chaos, we can count on them to be there for us. 

Here are the signs that your BBF is the best in the universe: 

1.- 911: No matter the time or place, you know that if you call her, she will answer, whether you are looking for her because you have an emergency or simply because you feel sad and want to talk. Your best friend will always listen to you and offer all the help she can. With her by your side, you can be sure you’ll have unconditional support. 

2.- Honesty: Being hypocritical is easy. What is complicated is telling the truth, no matter how raw it may be. Your best friend is an expert in that. She will not lie to you or beat around the bush just to look good or keep the peace. She is interested in your well-being, and that includes telling you what you are doing wrong.

3.- Girlfriend code: A true BFF knows that when it comes to dating, there are limits no friend should cross. Neither ex-boyfriends, nor crushes, nor relatives are allowed, unless you’ve discussed matters and reached an agreement. When it comes to love, your best friend knows your limits perfectly well. 

Loyalty: A good friend will never criticize you behind your back, nor will she allow anyone to speak ill of you in her presence. She loves you and will defend you even when you are not there. Best of all, she knows you will do the same for her. 

5.- Fun: There are very few people in the world with whom you know you can be yourself, free and without shame, and one of them is your BFF. That’s why when you’re together, you have an amazing time, you laugh, enjoy adventures, and share secrets. You make the best of every moment.

If you can identify with these signs that you have a best friend, you are very lucky and you should thank her, every day, for being a part of your life. 


About the author: Paulina Aguilar


Graduate in Communication Sciences, pizza taster, cat whisperer, Muggle expert and specialist in series and movies.

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